Jenny Elisabeth’s new blog

Welcome to my new and improved website.  I’m going to give blogging a try again.  I say again because, well, I’ve tried before but I have what some people may characterize as a short attention span.  I blogged once for about a week then gave up on it.  I think I just couldn’t make myself interesting enough to hold my own attention. 

What’s different now?  I have a new business that I hope will take off and I can actually see myself doing this long term.  What is it, you ask?  Lampworking.  It’s possible that you know exactly what I’m talking about, but odds are that your looking at that word thinking that I make lamps.

Lampworking is actually an ancient art that involves using fire to melt glass and shape it into something else, for me, a bead of some sort.  Back in the “Olden Days” “they” used oil-fueled lamps.  In modern times, we use (most commonly) a duel fuel torch with the fuels being propane and oxygen.  These torches come in all sizes from tiny to big-ol-honkin’-could-burn-your-house-down-in-a-blink size.  I personally use a teeny-tiny sparkly green Cricket by GTT

So, I’m going to try the blogging thing again now that I have something more interesting to say and I’m going to try and post semi-regularly. However, if it comes down to me having to make a choice about where to spend my limited time, in front of the torch or in front of the computer, I’m going to pick the torch.  I guess that’s how it should be, though, since I’m going to try to build a business.

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