Jewelry and Underwear Gnomes

I’m trying to build a business. So far, it hasn’t really taken off and while I’d like to blame the economy, I have a feeling the problem is more fundamentally my product. Ok. Maybe it isn’t my product per se, but the fact that my product probably doesn’t appeal to a mass market. My mom asked me who my market was the other day. My jewelry is “cute,” “fun,” “whimsical,” and it costs over the average allowance of a ten year old girl. I think this automatically makes my market my family and kindergarten teachers, neither of which is likely to have much in the way of disposable income.

I’m sure that I could make different jewelry that would appeal to a larger segment of the population. The trouble is that I’m in love with it. I love making those beads, butting them together into a piece, then looking at, maybe wearing it so that I can more easily look at it without people looking at me funny. I’m not ready or willing to give that up.

This brings me to the realization that I’ve taken my marketing strategy from the South Park Underwear Gnomes. Instead of:

1: Steal underwear
2: …
3: Profit

My marketing plan looks like this:

1: Keep doing what I love
2: …
3: Profit

Conclusion: I’ll probably never be financially successful, but at least I’ll be fulfilled.

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