Christmas comes again

I have the best parents in the world.  They are really supportive of both my sister’s and my creativity.  They gave me a bonus Christmas present and told me to spend it on crafty things.  So I did.

Amazon is loving me right about now.

Ooooh. Fra-gee-lay! Good stuff comes in these boxes.

Doesn’t look like much is in there, but…

Voila! Look at all that good stuff! New mandrels, clear frit, mini mashers and a bunch of glass.

Since this was a bonus gift, I took the opportunity to order some colors that I don’t get very often, like some of the more expensive pinks and purples.  Spring is coming; it’s best to be prepared.  I also restocked some staples – medium grass green, creamsicle, pea green, white and black.

I can’t wait to get out to the “studio” and play.

** Just to be clear – Amazon does not sell lampworking supplies (though I wish they did because then my shipping would be free instead of $20.) This stuff is from Frantz Art Glass in Washington.

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