The Perils of Trickle-Down Inspiration

It’s funny, the things that inspire people to create their art. Every now and then, when surfing Etsy looking for something to inspire me, I stop and read the “Featured Seller” article they have on the front page. Typically, it’s some middle aged woman standing in a modern-minimalist beige studio wearing a crazy multi-colored scarf and talking about finding spontaneous inspiration in nature or at a bazaar in some third world country. I am sooo not like that. I don’t go for long walks in the forest and think “I should make art that represents this day.” I don’t get inspired by rocks. I don’t look at it and wonder of the history it’s seen and want to paint its story with glass. It’s a frickin’ rock.**

Last week, I posted a picture of some Valentine-esque beads that I was inspired to make after a retail therapy session. I mentioned that it was really rare for me to have themed beads well before the actual holiday. I’m going to mention it again because it was really, really rare. Really.

One reason it’s so rare is because I’m a natural procrastinator. Why do something today when I can put it off until tomorrow? It’s been a problem for me ever since I was a child and discovered that it was quite easy to do yesterday’s math homework in today’s English class thus leaving my evenings free for reruns of The Cosby Show and playing Super Mario Brothers on my Nintendo. Hard to believe that I didn’t do better in school, heh.

Where was I going with this?*** Oh, yeah – Inspiration…Here’s what really inspires me- Seeing someone’s beads or jewelry on Etsy or a forum and thinking “I can do that.” Or, “I can do that better.” Buying a new tutorial for a new process or reading tips on a forum inspires me. The closest I come to finding spontaneous inspiration in the wild is in the seasonal section of Wal-Mart.

Anyway, because I mainly rely on what others have made to inspire me, I’m always behind the curve when it comes to seasonal themed beads and jewelry. Relying on Trickle-down inspiration isn’t the most efficient way to create on-trend or seasonally appropriate stuff.

Luckily for me, the retail community has really stepped up to the plate in terms of getting inspirational materials out to prior to the holiday. I saw Easter stuff out at the local craft store last week. Based on that, I gather we’re only a couple weeks out of Independence Day and maybe a month out of Halloween. That means that in a couple months, it will be Christmas again. That means I’m already behind on starting to procrastinate about making snowmen and Santa Clauses.

Oh, well. I’ll do it tomorrow.

**I haven’t personally seen an article where someone says they were inspired by a rock, but I’m sure there’s one out there.

***I also have a short attention span.

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