Sweet hearts and roses

There are some days that I go out to my torch and try to make something then end up shutting it down after 15 minutes. Today, I spent about 5 hours out there (in the freezing cold) and probably could have done another 3 hours had my husband not been so naggy.

I didn’t do anything cool – no new techniques or anything, but I had fun using some glass that I’ve had for four years now. I think it was part of my very first glass order. It was a lovely dark pink alabaster. I never used it because I was skeered of alabasters. It made some very pretty hearts and some pressed roses.

I also used some CIM Crocus and, OMG, I’m in love. Bee-u-tee-ful!! Definitely going to be ordering more of that so that I can make myself something pretty.

Anyway, here’s an Instagramed picture of today’s goodies. My only regret is that I have to go to my day job tomorrow and don’t get to make more.

Sweet hearts and roses

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