Weekend Update, Feb. 3, 2013

I’m writing this through my tears. My beloved Forty Niners have let me down… Nah. Just kidding. I used to be that way, but its been nearly 20 years since their last Super Bowl so even a loss is something. And it was close at the end. Bright side – killer food. There was so much of it, we were stuffed by kickoff. We didn’t even go back for seconds when Bouncy (that’s what my dad calls Beyonce) came on.


Not a whole lot of crafting went on this weekend. I managed to get a good bit of torching done on Saturday morning. I tried some pink roses but… I guess it was too cold since all of the petals I had pulled spontaneously combusted. I stopped torching to zip up my hoodie to my neck over my scoop neck shirt. Gotta protect the goods. I moved on to some spacers then a couple chocolates with my La Patisserie Katie Was Here press.

I also tried blowing shards for the first time. “Miserable failure” isn’t exactly how I’d characterize it but its close. I did two practice ones, the tried the good stuff. I blew a bubble, but I think it was too thick because I didn’t get anywhere near the effect I was aiming for. Going to have to wait for the next glass order before I try again.

Then I tried another new tutorial I got. It went ok. Going to work on shaping next time and be a little less conservative with the heat. Also, my goldstone… Should have encased it. The bead looks OK for a first try but I have no idea what to do with it. It’s going to be one of those beads that sits on my desk for a year before I decide to put it in a bag and stuff it into a box. Bead burial.

After torching I went out for lunch with my hubby and stopped at Hobby Lobby where they didn’t have what I went to get. I wanted a new Vintaj relieving block because I’ve worn both of mine out. I see them there all the time. But wouldn’t you know it, when I go to get one – empty shelf. It’s Murphy’s Law of Shopping.

I got home and did some copper etching. It went well, despite not having a new relief block. The toner transfer worked great and so did the ferric chloride. Netted three pairs of earrings. Would have been 4 but one of my beads cracked. Not sure how that happened. **shakes fist**

I want to get some stuff up on Etsy, so that’s my goal for the week. Before that happens though, I need to clean up my mess from the table because that’s where I set up my photography stuff. Plus, my husband has got to be this close to flipping his nut. We got him a new iPad, but it won’t distract him for long.

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