Weekend Update February, 11, 2012

This weekend was kind of a bust, craft-wise. I still wasn’t feeling all that great but I managed a little bit of torching on Saturday. i should have just stayed in bed because things didn’t go well. It was one of those days where things just weren’t jiving. I tried to make a Jack Skellington bead and my stringer work sucked. So, I thought, lets try the pink roses because there’s no stringer involved… Oh, my God. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if the pink glass I have is just possessed by the devil. Every stinkin’ petal I pulled shattered within 2 minutes. Shrapnel everywhere!

I pulled approximately 40 petals. I ended up with enough to make a 6 petal rose. I was over it. So, then I started just doing spacers for the etched copper earrings. And that’s when the power went out. In disgust, I shut everything off and went inside. I can read the signs. Something bad was going to happen if I kept at it.

Gem Faire is in town this weekend so we headed out to the Placer County Fairgrounds. I didn’t have very much money so I really had to control myself. Not easy. I tried to keep my purchases to only the stuff I need like the antique copper finding that I’m using in the etched copper stuff. I also managed to slip in some pretty crystals, though. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but they are gorgeous. If I do nothing but look at them, they will have fulfilled their purpose.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a purpose. I really needed to make my mom’s Valentine’s gift and I wanted to finish a little something I made for my sister… Oh, yeah… That was the other thing that happened this weekend. I got a package from Gerri’s Crystals. I found the website while Googling “27mm rivoli.” Those are not easy things to find, surprisingly enough. Anyway, the package arrived so I did another one of those filagree wrapped do dads using the crystal my sister really wanted in the first place. It’s purdy.


I should have done another one of those for my mom because I struggled with her thing for about an hour (while my husband whined in the other room about being hungry.) These roses are pretty, but the hole runs the wrong direction. So, I took one of the extra filagree thingies and did some fancy wire work. (And by fancy, i mean that i shoved it all through the back and twisted it until it couldn’t be twisted any more. Here’s the final product.

So, that was it for the weekend.

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