Obsession of the Week, February 22, 2013

Sadly, another week has passed with not a lot of obsession. I just haven’t been feeling 100% so I’ve just been trying to get through the day. Go to work, come home, go to bed. Blah.

The one thing that did strike my fancy was electroplating. Every year or so, I start to think that electroplating something sounds like a good idea. A couple years ago, I bought a real, electroplated leaf up in Apple Hill. There was a lady up there selling them and they were relatively inexpensive so I bought a couple of them. Then I scoured the interwebs for info.

Step 1: gather leaves
Step 2: complete a complicated process to remove the pulp and keep the leaf skeleton
Step 3: …
Step 4: profit

Truth be known, there wasn’t a lot of info out there back then. And that’s saying something coming from me, when I can find just about any information on the Internet. I win Google.  Anyway, I just got the most recent issue of my favorite online publication, Soda Lime Times, which is a magazine for lampworkers. It’s amazing. Every issue has a theme and the most recent one was on cold working. Cold working is stuff that you do to your glass after it cools off, stuff like etching, or… Electroplating!

I really want to try it. I really, really want to try it, but…  I really don’t need another hobby. I have no more room for anything, both mentally and physically.

So, I keep putting the idea of electroplating aside, and by “aside”, I mean that I try to talk my husband into it because seriously, the man needs a hobby. His woodworking is great, but it makes a huge mess all over my desk in the garage. He needs a nice, clean, complimentary hobby and metal is manly!  Yeah, he’s not buying it either. Maybe next year.

So, that’s it for the week. I think I’m going to take some time this weekend to play some video games. I need some escapism right now and killing pixels sounds like a good idea.

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