Mid Year’s Resolution

Can you believe that June is over?  This year is flying by at warp speed. Seems like just yesterday that I was declaring 2013 as the “Year of the Crafts”. Typically, at this point in the year, I’ve broken and reaffirmed my New Years resolutions a few times over. This year,I’m proud to say that I’ve kept my resolution and have already hit my goals for 2013  at this mid way point. I gotta say, it feels good. Really good.

My goals were pretty straight forward: post more things on Etsy and participate in at least two shows. I’ve already had more Etsy sales this year then I did all of last year and I just finished my first show. I’m committed to one, possibly two, more and I’m actively looking for more opportunities.

My first show this year was the Yuba City Summer Stroll. I shared a booth with a new friend and I have to say, it was my most successful sale ever, even factoring in the booth fee, which was my most expensive fee to date. I attribute it to a very well attended event and a special blessing.

I’m not an overly spiritual or superstitious person, but I do believe that the spirits of those we love and lost appear to us in other forms. For instance, I believe that my grandfather appears to us as a bird. And I believe that my husband’s grandmother appears to him as a butterfly.

I never met my husband’s grandmother as she had passed before I met Eric, but I know that we would have gotten along famously. She was a crafty person, making and selling jewelry herself.

As we set up our booth and I began to arrange my displays, a vibrant yellow butterfly fluttered around our booth, circling our stall, floating over the street and weaving through the trees. It would visit us every half hour or so and it continued for hours. I think it was Hilde, giving us her blessing.

Anyway, I was surprised that what sold well were my necklaces that have been languishing in my inventory for a while.  What these necklaces all had in common was that they were all displayed on the same black velvet bust. My mom, who along with my dad and sister came to support me, bought the first necklace off the bust. And, no, I don’t make my mom buy my jewelry but she insisted.  She is my biggest fan, and she’s probably the most stubborn person on the face of the planet. As a result, she has the largest collection of “Jenny Elisabeth” jewelry in existence by far.

Anyway, she snatched up the necklace, so my sister grabbed another one to put on the bust. It wasn’t there for more than half an hour when a lovely woman came and bought it. This woman gave me the biggest compliment when she said, “I’m a teacher so I don’t have much money and I never buy anything at these events, but I’m making an exception for your stuff.”  I was so touched. And she was my biggest sale of the night, picking up a couple other things to give as gifts. The other necklace that sold off the bust… It was a butterfly necklace. Insert “Twilight Zone” music here.

Anyway, with the first show of the year on the books, after weeks of burning the candle at both ends, I’m taking a small vacation from crafting. I had originally said I would take three weeks off, not crafting anything, but things are going so well, that I may have to do some crafting. Not a lot, but torching for a couple hours on the weekend will help me stay in the groove. Also, I took a lot of my inventory to work and I’ve got some custom order requests. I know I’ve said it before, but my co-workers are awesome. Between the show and my co-workers, Jenny Elisabeth had the MOST PROFITABLE MONTH EVER!

** Just realized that my word count is 666 and need to add something to change it.