It’s Been a While

So, yeah. Five years since I blogged and at least three years since I melted glass. A lot has changed. In those three years, we sold our house and moved to a much smaller place so my glass studio was packed up and put into storage.

Fast forward to now and my soul has nearly shriveled to nothing since I haven’t fed my creative side in so long. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done creative stuff, but not with glass which is my absolute favorite thing to do.

After whining for about a week, my husband, Eric, finally said, “Let’s get the stuff out of storage.” My soul inflated just a little. It’s been almost a week since my stuff was retrieved and it will be another few weeks before I can actually fire up my torch.  There are some logistically difficult hurdles to overcome. For one thing, we now have a one-car garage instead of the two-car one we had at the house.  Squeezing in amongst the full shelves of tools and miscellanies is the easy part.

The more difficult task is to make my setup more mobile and less permanent because hubby still wants to be able to do his woodworking on occasion. We’ve both had to make some compromises to make this work.

The tl:dr is this; I will be melting glass soon.  My soul is looking forward to being full again.

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