Creation is Messy…

This post is not about how much of a disaster my new area is because I still have yet to fire up my torch, but I’m sure that post is coming. No, instead it’s about my favorite glass brand called Creation is Messy. The colors are unique in the glass world for the most part and they have fun names. But as I browsed their website, I realized how much the glass world has changed since I’ve been gone.

Like, half of my stock colors, the ones I can’t live without, are no longer available. Not like, “sold out” unavailable, but “we don’t make them anymore” unavailable. Queue crying and cursing here.

New Glass

Some replacement colors and some old standbys.

I love buying glass. I love picking out colors and adding them to my virtual cart while planning what I’ll do with them. So, it’s probably going to shock nobody that I’ve already placed my first order, well before I can even light up my torch.

Sure, there are new colors to try and I look forward to trying them, but the old favorites… I’m going to miss them desperately. One thing is for sure; I’m going to have fun finding new “perfect combos.”


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