Still Getting my Mojo Back

It’s been a couple weeks since I got to light my torch and I’ve been blowing out the cobwebs since then. I made a set, posted it, got no love, got discouraged, rinse, repeat. Yeah, I’m not getting any love in the Facebook groups. Lots of hearts but no love, so to speak.


Wanna buy me? No? Sigh.

I sold those hearts a couple weeks ago so I decided to make more hearts. They are loveless also.


How about these? No? You are not alone.

In the midst of all these non sales, I totally forgot about Mother’s Day.  Luckily my sister reminded me in time to make some beads and get a necklace together because I think my mom already has a strawberry necklace.


Mom’s new Jenny Elisabeth piece. Shhh.  Don’t tell.

So far, I haven’t done anything other than the hearts and strawberries  I’m still scared to use my fancy glass or big presses.  It’s cool though.  No pressure.  Just slowly getting my mojo back.


Creation is Messy…

This post is not about how much of a disaster my new area is because I still have yet to fire up my torch, but I’m sure that post is coming. No, instead it’s about my favorite glass brand called Creation is Messy. The colors are unique in the glass world for the most part and they have fun names. But as I browsed their website, I realized how much the glass world has changed since I’ve been gone.

Like, half of my stock colors, the ones I can’t live without, are no longer available. Not like, “sold out” unavailable, but “we don’t make them anymore” unavailable. Queue crying and cursing here.

New Glass

Some replacement colors and some old standbys.

I love buying glass. I love picking out colors and adding them to my virtual cart while planning what I’ll do with them. So, it’s probably going to shock nobody that I’ve already placed my first order, well before I can even light up my torch.

Sure, there are new colors to try and I look forward to trying them, but the old favorites… I’m going to miss them desperately. One thing is for sure; I’m going to have fun finding new “perfect combos.”


I’m Back, but I’m Rusty

Tiiiin roof, RUSTY! Round was a challenge this morning. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest decision to start with encased flowers, but I did pull some stringers first and that part went well so I was feeling over confident.


So many choices.

It felt good to be back behind the torch this morning, even if things didn’t go perfectly. Today was about blowing away the cobwebs and making adjustments to the new space for the future.


My new happy place.

All I managed we’re some roundish encased beads and some “crystal” shaped beads with raised flowers. They’ll probably never see the light of day, but I’m baking them in the kiln anyway.


Beads a-bakin’.

On a scale of one to ten, I’m giving myself a solid six for today’s efforts.

Quarantine Blues

Patience isn’t my strongest suit. Typically, I want things right now and waiting is always a last resort. So, when I say that I’m trying to be patient while the pieces of my studio arrive, I do so with gritted teeth.

I desperately want to be melting glass right now, sweating in my garage instead of sitting on my couch in my air conditioned living room. That’s saying something.

Part of the problem is that, thanks to this quarantine, I haven’t done much of anything for a while. Anxiety and fear seems to take up most of my day.  And I’m one of the lucky ones. I haven’t lost anything due to the shutdown and nobody I know has gotten sick.  Personally, I’ve only experienced what can best be described as minor inconveniences. That doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to my psyche, though.

I really think that glass-working will improve my mental state. I’ll be flexing my creative muscle.  I’ll be productive. And there’s the possibility that I’ll be able to make some money doing it. I’ve been watching several lampwork auction groups for a couple weeks now and my style of beads have either gone out of fashion, or I’m going to to corner a new market.

And speaking of these lampwork groups, I’m just going to say, WTF?! I’ve seen some beads sell that I think were intended to be round but didn’t quite achieve it. Sell, as in somebody paid actual money for them.

Maybe I should just stop watching these groups because it makes me even more eager to get out and torch. If only my parts weren’t on the slow boat because my 2-day Amazon Prime shipping is now 2-week Prime shipping. **Gritted teeth**

I know, I know. Patience.

Oh, Yeah!

I made a sale! Thus far, it’s only $8, but, hot damn.  I popped four little beads I made years ago onto a Facebook Group page for lampwork buyers and sellers and someone bid on them.  Warm fuzzies ensued.


My first sale this season.

My photography isn’t stellar. I’m still waiting for my tripod, but I did spring for a $5.99 camera app that turns the regular iPhone camera into a DSLR.

Now I remember the most nerve-wracking part of selling my stuff; mailing it. I’ve got to round up envelopes, deal with postage and write a thank you card. It’s a nice problem to have.