Progress update on the sculptured roses

This is my largest rose yet…  The picture makes it look better than it actually is.  There are a couple gaps down at the base where I joined the petals and the shape could be best described as “wonky”.  Also, I can see a crack in one of the petals in the picture that I didn’t see with the naked eye.  Sigh. Still… Progress and I’m happy with it.

Oooh.  Look at all those petals! (But not too closely.)

Oooh. Look at all those petals! (But not too closely.)



Sweet hearts and roses

There are some days that I go out to my torch and try to make something then end up shutting it down after 15 minutes. Today, I spent about 5 hours out there (in the freezing cold) and probably could have done another 3 hours had my husband not been so naggy.

I didn’t do anything cool – no new techniques or anything, but I had fun using some glass that I’ve had for four years now. I think it was part of my very first glass order. It was a lovely dark pink alabaster. I never used it because I was skeered of alabasters. It made some very pretty hearts and some pressed roses.

I also used some CIM Crocus and, OMG, I’m in love. Bee-u-tee-ful!! Definitely going to be ordering more of that so that I can make myself something pretty.

Anyway, here’s an Instagramed picture of today’s goodies. My only regret is that I have to go to my day job tomorrow and don’t get to make more.

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Sweet hearts and roses

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