Countdown to Valentine’s Day

I actually started on my Valentine’s Day beads early (totally unlike me.) I had so much fun playing with my new rose presses from Devardi and I also dusted off the heart press I bought last year but didn’t really use because I sucked at it. Hope to make some more things over the weekend. I might even make a couple sets and list them on Etsy.

Valentine's Day mix.

So, that went well.

Every now and then, I try something new and sometimes things work out for me.  This was not one of those times.  Sigh.IMG_0002

I bought a great tutorial a few months back but hadn’t been in the mood to try it out until a couple weeks ago.  I wish I could say that these were my first two attempts.  Alas, it would be a lie.  These were probably attempt #5 and 6.  Anyway, progress was made and I should be happy but…


Yeah… So…  Yeah.  I have work to do.